Sometimes, when battling Dr. Zomboss in the Egyptian fight, I manage to do something that put him in a stun animation. What is the trigger for that, or is it purely random?


There is a distinct animation he uses indicating he's about to charge, taking out two rows of plants. If he takes a certain number of hits during this time, he will be stunned.

The most effective way to stun him is by using a plant food on a bonk choy at just the right moment.


You might have not noticed that every time he loses on third of his health he gets stunned.


As mentioned above, you have to hit him for enough damage during his charge. I particularly liked firing the coconut cannon in his face to stun him.

  • @ExpertCoder14 This answer suggests a different plant than the other answer. Therefore, it's not a dupe. – galacticninja Nov 14 '20 at 4:29

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