"By building alliances and friendships with other factions and empires, you become highly valuable as a friend and simply too dangerous as an enemy. When you have accumulated enough Diplomatic Victory points in the great game of galactic diplomacy, you become the dominant political force in the galaxy."

So, how do I accumulate Diplomatic Victory points? Does any kind of trade count? Like, even if I just give someone a flat 1 dust in exchange for nothing? Are different deals worth more than others (alliance seemed to be worth a lot)? If I have peace, open borders, & cooperation agreements with everyone and everyone likes me, what else can/should I do to accrue points?


A good high level recommendation:


It will probably won't help to author, but will help a lot of other players.

Though article doesn't give way to MEASURE amount of point you earn from different actions.

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    Could you summarize the important parts here? On the internet, almost all links eventually break, and it would be a shame for your answer to become useless when the link breaks. – PotatoEngineer Nov 30 '14 at 0:17
  • And, as Paul predicted, the link is now broken due to Amplitude moving their forums to a new host and reorganizing them in the process. – Dave Sherohman Jan 28 '17 at 9:29

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