I played Animal Crossing New Leaf with a cousin. I have not started playing it before my cousin started playing... He became mayor and I was the side character (other player). He doesn't play anymore and I play my other player but I really want the gold axe and I have not got it yet. So can I really get golden tools when I am not the mayor.

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Yes as long as you have the special circumstances,http://www.thonky.com/animal-crossing-new-leaf/golden-and-silver-tools/, you should be able to obtain it. Hope this helps.


Yes you can get gold and silver tools as long as you indeed do and understand the special circumstances to getting them for e.g

Golden Rod- Catch all fish
Golden net- Catch all bugs
Golden Slingshot- Appears randomly in the sky
Golden shovel- Buy 50 fertilizer from T And T Emporium
Golden Axe- Buy 50 Saplings from T And T emporium
Golden Can- get a perfect town status for 15 days straight.

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