I'm running out of space on my 360 hard drive and need to clear up some space. My Mass Effect 3 install is eating up alot of space on my drive. I've played through all of the DLC but haven't finished the game. Since I finished these add on missions; can I delete their DLC from my drive? I'm pretty sure I can't delete From Ashes since it contains a playable character; but how about the rest (Leviathan, Citadel)? If I delete them, will the game break on me or something?


Most of the ME3 DLCs offers additional things that carry on beyond the DLC itself. Most of these are in the form of:

  • Bonus power of some kind
  • War Assets
  • Bonus weapons, mods, and armor (The citadel DLC in particular adds a sweet pistol with massive head shot bonus as well as an assault rifle that doesn't require ammo. It also adds the best armor in the game).
  • Mini games (Mostly citadel DLC)

I don't think the game would break, but you'd be missing out. In short, I wouldn't recommend deleting any DLCs until your game is complete.

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    I'm not completely sure on this - not specifically to the Xbox but in Mass Effect 2 the save files contained DLC specific data, so removing the DLCs would invalidate your save files until you reinstalled them. I've never tried it in ME3 but I would expect it to be the same – kalina Feb 21 '14 at 9:27

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