Money cheats on Pokemon X anyone, because I want to get the thing that the guy offers for 1,000,000 poke-dollars in the main city. By the way, where is that guy in the main city offering that thing anyway, and what is it?

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No, there are no money 'cheats'. However, there are several ways to increase the amount you earn. The NPC you are looking for is in the Stone Emporium, he is selling one of the Mega Evolution Stones, but keep in mind that the price decreases to a minimum 10,000 poke-dollars once you reach maximum stylishness.


There are no Money Cheats in Pokemon X and Y, Though there are some really effective ways to gain money in the game.

The best method is:

  • Get a Level 100 Pokemon, (Preferably one with a ton of attack, I usually use Dragonite)
  • Get an amulet coin
  • Give Dragonite the Amulet Coin
  • Max out the prize money O-Power
  • Go to the elites with your Dragonite holding the amulet coin and before each battle use the maximum Prize Money O-Power, After each battle you will get a ton of money.

Then get your style to maximum in Lumiose City, You can do this by:

  • completing the Looker Missions
  • Enter the Museum a Few times with and without the audio guides
  • Ride in the Taxis
  • use the Gogoats
  • Test your team in the battle institute
  • Land perhaps buy 99 Premier balls, (Individually, Buy 1 exit the window, buy another, etc etc.)

Once you have done this you should not only have a ton of money from the Elites, But the Stones should cost you $10,000 a peice so not only will you have them all you will have a ton of money left over.

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