I have a house boat built on water, and want to make it move around using Command Blocks.

enter image description here

More pictures.

What Command Block setup would I need to move the boat in four cardinal directions?


Some working on the /clone command of version 1.8 alongside /tp-ing the player may be your best bet. However, I'm unsure how you would get the previous boat to dissappear to hack a sort of movement. The tools just aren't there without mods from my understanding at the moment.


A more primitive and time-consuming solution:

Store all of the block datas into command blocks with /setblock and add a /tp for yourself, then wire it up with a redstone clock. Stand in the boat. In the /setblock commands, use tilde notation so it creates a new boat relative to the location of the old.

Restore the blocks in the old location to those of the environment before the boat (e.g. a block of the hull will be replaced by a block water) using /setblock.

Simeaultaneously /tp yourself and /setblock the new boat a few blocks in the direction you want to go relative to the previous location.

Hope this helps! (apologies for the verbosity)


Try placing the entire thing on minecarts (using /summon) and have the minecarts move using /execute @e[type=Minecart] tp @e[type=Minecart] ~ ~ ~1 Its a bit complicated, only works in the snapshot


You could use the /fill to replace the area that you want your boat to go to and again use /fill to fill the area that the boat used to be in with area. If you wanted to move yourself as we'll use /tp to move you along with the boat.

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