I'm wondering if someone knows the answer to more specifics of gem-forging than what's on wiki's:

  • Can I for square gems of all types and still get a square gem? Let's say 2 of them are wind attack, and other Damage Titan on slash.
  • If I forge 1 capped gem (+400 dark) and 2 basic ones (+1 dark, +85 light) will I get 400+ gem or a worse gem in the end?
  • I Asked a similar question a while ago with no answer. I guess nobody truly know – WizLiz Feb 24 '14 at 15:10
  • IIRC the only way to get gems above their "cap" is to forge 3 similar "capped" gems together. Such as forging 3 +400 matching element gems together will give a +500 gem. same with +200 matching stat gems. I answered a similar question for IB2 which should still be true here – VanBuzzKill Jul 25 '14 at 3:58

Had to test myself:

Fusing gems of the same type but different stats will result in gem of the original shape but random stats.

Fusing strong gem with weaker gems results in a better gem, but stats are increased only a little. A +40 dark damage and +2 wind, +5 poison gems resulted in +47 light gem.

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