As PvP season 15 is dawning upon us, Blizzard has decided to give us a chance at next seasons gear by letting us do Celestials and getting a chance for the gear.

What are the drop rates of the items from these?

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The chance of getting a drop from Celestials is expected to be about 15% - Source

Then you have to look at what possible loot you can get for your faction/spec/class.

For my alliance Blood DK that leaves 12 pieces of posible loot, ignore the Celestial Treasure Box I would get if I was unlucky.

That means that each piece of loot has 1.25% chance of dropping (1/12 * 15%).

Since only 10 of them are pvp pieces the chance for my Blood DK getting a piece of the new pvp loot is 12.5%

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