In Ingress at events like #Magnus13 and Recursion you have different cities appointed during an anomaly.

Now this time I saw this list at Decode Ingress:

Through Decoding Processes the exact dates and locations were determined

  • Feb 15 – Miami – Primary, Columbus – Satellite, Louisville - Satellite
  • February 22 – Bangalore -Primary, New Delhi - Satellite, Hyderabad - Satellite
  • March 1 – Nashville – Primary, Mobile - Satellite , Little Rock - Satellite
  • March 8 – Austin – Primary. Mexico City - Satellite, St. Louis – Satellite
  • March 15 – Nice - Zagreb – Primary, Nice - Satellite, Cagliari - Satellite
  • March 22 – Boulder, Co – Primary, Boise - Satellite, Provo - Satellite
  • March 29 - Berlin - Primary, Los Angeles – Primary, Nantes - Satellite, Brussels - Satellite

There are Primary and Satellite locations. What is exactly the difference between these two?

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    In the past, The real difference that I have noticed is the amount of Ingress staff on premise, and thus the amount of swag given out. Mar 25 '14 at 19:21

As discussed in the references for the question What are the rules and circumstances in #recursion for artifact movement?, one difference is that the target portal for the artifact movement opportunity which follows the recursion event is in the primary city.

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