Is it possible to have 16 characters on 1 server? I know that normally (as a subscriber) you get 12 slots. But can you buy more than 12 slots per server?

This way I can get all advanced classes on both imperial en republic side.

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With Patch 4.0, the limit for subscribers is now 40. Instant Level 60 character tokens are now sold on the Cartel Market, which come with a character slot (in addition to the character-slot-only item).

Diego is correct, but the devs are being hyperbolic. The exact server limit is 22, which I don't consider ridiculously high by any means. The total allowance of 350 characters across all servers is indeed quite high, however.

I got 16 on my server via the merge of 2 servers where I had 8 each. The devs have confirmed that I'd need to buy the extra 4 (over 12) first if I ever wanted to move past 16, so there's that.


I remember reading an official post from the devs that the limit is "ridiculously high"; making it virtually unlimited.

Obviously, you'll have to buy slots from the cartel market. Don't know if you can buy them from the GTN.


22 character slots is the limit per server. I have unlocked them all. Tried to unlock 23, it said I had the maximum.

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