So I fell off a huge cliff and died. I was spawned forever and a decade away from my stuff and didn't make it back in time. My map to the world was on me and so it was also lost! Can I find another one somewhere or can I build a new one?

  • please go on %appdata%/Roaming/saves/<your world>/maps or something like that. Then tell me what file you can find in. – Vinz243 Mar 1 '14 at 21:38
  • This link shows how to make a new map. You'll need 8 pieces of paper and 1 compass. – Nick Mar 1 '14 at 22:04
  • Well of course because when you die you lose ALL of your stuff. – stizzle84 Mar 3 '14 at 2:30
  • Press F3 and mark your coordinates to prevent this from happening in the future. – kookman98 Mar 9 '14 at 23:25

To craft a map from scratch, you need nine sugar cane (every three pieces of sugar cane makes three sheets of paper), four iron ore, fuel to smelt that ore, a piece of Redstone (requires an iron pickaxe or better) and access to a crafting table and furnace.
map recipe
You can also zoom out the map by adding 8 more pieces of paper and the map itself in a crafting table.
map zoom out recipe
You can also clone the map by adding another empty map with the map you want to clone in the crafting table.
clone map recipe

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How you cheat your map back to life (Java edition):

(Definitely works on windows and probably mac as well, not familiar with console editions of Minecraft)

  1. In your Minecraft world, create a new map and right click to open it, then save and quit to title.

  2. Open your .minecraft folder. On a PC, you can locate it by typing "%appdata%" in the cortana search bar. Further tutorials can be found here https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/.minecraft

  3. Open saves -> [your world name] -> data. There should be a list of every map you've ever created on this world listed as map_XX.enter image description here

  4. Locate the map you have lost. If you are unsure about the number on your map, you can open maps with Notepad on windows or textedit on a mac. The actual contents are illegible, but you should be able to guess by the length as to which map has the most data.

  5. Ye olde Switcheroo. Rename the file of the new map to the name of the old map and the file of the old map to the name of the file of the new map. Your computer probably won't let you give the same name to two files, so come up with something in between such as "Map_4_a" and then delete the ending after you've renamed the other one.

  6. Log back in to Minecraft. The new map you created should have all the data of the old map. Well done.

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Works on ps4 if you make a locator map and use said locator map to upgrade it with empty paper you can make the full original map back

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