How am I supposed to kill the orc chief Khan? He is faster than me, just grabs me and pummels me to death. I don't have enough time to really hurt him before he is able to grab me.

My fight with him looks something like this:

screenshot with lots of blood flying around

Any ideas on how to survive this boss fight?

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Bubble immediately to buy yourself some time. Then you can use Time Warp and Haste to slow him down/speed yourself up enough to prepare a devastating attack and hope for a one shot.

Blizzard Balls (1Earth+4Ice) are particularly effective.

  • I used this method combined with strong stone walls (1 shield + 4 earth) to kill Khan. Feb 2 '11 at 20:32

Use a charged-up water attack to knock him away from you, then hit him with a cold + lightning + arcane beam. It will freeze him solid and do massive damage.


I tried like 50 times, finally I killed him with a Water area spell and then a lightning+arcane+cold beam.


The easiest way is to hold down Right Shift and tap A+S while right-clicking as fast as possible. He'll be defeated before you know it.

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Try Using haste and use a spread of water to make him vulnerable to lightning then keep using normal lightning rays and haste. This is how I beat him in the 65th try I guess.


I caught him in a few lines of volcanoes (E, D, F, SHIFT+LMOUSE, SHIFT+LMOUSE; repeat), he was dead before I realized I was in a boss fight.


Cast Vortex on him, and he'll be defeated almost immediately.

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