When I logged into Hearthstone today, it showed me my ranked performance for the last season (February) and my ranking for the current season (March) was reset to the lowest rank.

Where can I see my performance in the past ranked seasons? Was the pop-up when I started the game the only indication?

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The current beta client doesn't have any statistics built-in, nor on the web site. But I imagine they will eventually.

In the meantime, you will need to track them yourselves, or use a third-party tool.

One promising tool is http://hearthstats.net/ that allows for manual input, and also offers a (beta) Java client that uses image recognition for automated collecting for (most of) the stats. It doesn't have a specific ranked season stat, but can group stats by month, which can be a close approximation of how you do in seasons, or during certain time periods.


There isn't anywhere in Hearthstone currently to see your ranking in previous seasons. Since the game is in beta, there is always the chance that they will add this in at some point in the future.

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