I want to play multiplayer Minecraft Pocket Edition with my friend, but he lives in a different state. Is there any way we can play together for free without being on the same wifi?

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Yes it is possible:

Solution 1:

  • Use PocketMine to host a server on your PC.
  • Forward the port of your PC so it's accessible from the outside.
  • Tell your friend your external IP so he can connect to the PocketMine server.

Solution 2 (probably the one you're interested in):

  • Find out the IP of your smartphone/tablet.
  • Create a port forwarding for that IP on your router.
  • Tell your friend your external IP, so he can connect.

Actually you can. There are several apps that let you do something like this or at least join an existing server. Try to google something like "Minecraft PE Multiplayer Server App" and have fun ;)

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