I've been roped into a game of Hide and Seek with a bunch of four year olds, and I've managed to find five of them, but can't find the sixth. Where are they all hiding?

Should I be able to find all six before recruiting Tweek, Craig, and Token? (I know that I can find five of them...)

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The six Kindergartners are in the following locations:

  • Outside Mr. Slave's house
  • In the sewers
  • Inside the bank (behind the desk at the top-left)
  • Outside the tower of peace (behind a lamp post)
  • Starks Pond
  • The farm (Bottom left corner)

They are a side-quest, and are not required for continuing on with the main quest. Although they do boost your friend list by 6 once you do find them all and return to the park.

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