I would like to know how to install additional commands besides the standard ones, such as these:

/spawn                  player's spawn to spawn
/jail                   player spawns to a jail 
/kit ...                player receives specific items 
/join mob arena         player joins mob arena

and so forth. How do I go about adding these to my server?

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If you need a Tutorial: How to set up a bukkit server

Then you can use commands like this on your Server. There are many Plugins, Essentials only have the "standart" ones. You can search for others here: Most downloaded Plugins or here Plugin List

Also you can make Signs with Essentials to teleport to a speciffic place: Sign Tutorial


If you want to create commands like this you need to know how to write bukkit plugins. If you know how to do that, then you cash create these custom commands. It would be cool to see a feature like this in-game though..



Currently no plugins as MobArena at Sponge yet...

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