None of the rhinoplasty options seem to visually change anything, with the sole exception being the insanely expensive 'The Hasselhoff'. I know this is a joke about the character designs of South Park, and was featured in an episode if memory serves, but is there any benefit in game? A person who will only friend you if you've got The Hasselhoff or something?

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    Shouldn't this be migrat... oh. – Ender Mar 8 '14 at 17:46

There's an achievement for beating the game while rocking the The Hoff Nose Job, and unlike the other options, it also provides some pretty significant visual customization. At a minimum, it's worth trying it and reloading a save for a laugh.

Beyond that, characters around you will remark on your 'new' face as you wander around South Park. Particularly if you're a Jew.

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