I can't login to External in Minecraft PE full-version 8.0.1! When ever i connect a server, it sais: Could not connect to server. Try again! I cannot connect to this server. But the other servers? I can easily connect to them! I don't know thats going on. I checked my Wi-fi and its working fine!

  • There is no 8.0.1 version, do you mean 0.8.1? are you on iOS or Android? Just a quick note that there was a realms bug in 0.8.0, so are you absolutely positive that is not the version you are using?
    – kookman98
    Mar 9 '14 at 23:13

You're not alone in this problem. I have it too. It's not to do with WiFi, so it must be a work in progress thing. It may be accessible soon.

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