I've looked at questions on how to get music and the only answers were with club LOL. I don't have club LOL. So how can you get music without club LOL?

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There are two ways to get music:

  • Attend K.K. Slider's live performance on a Saturday night after 8:00 PM
    • Max: 1 per week
    • Price: Free
    • Option to select any one song (except K.K. Birthday, which can only be played on the Saturday on your birthday week)


  • Buy a copy from the Nookling store (T.I.Y. or higher)
    • Max: 1 per day (T.I.Y.) or 2 per day (T&T Emporium)
    • Price: 3200 bells
    • Random song(s) available each day

You'll need to get either Club LOL or several renovations to the Nookling store in order to get music for yourself, but if you have a friend who is willing you help you out, they are tradeable, and you can buy them from Nookling stores in other players' towns.


You can get KK Slider music at TIY/T&T Emporium for 3,200 Bells and at Club LOL for free(Saturday night). You can also get music by having a friend drop it in your town and you can pick it up, put it in your stereo and it will play music!


I've found that if you have someone you have met via spotpass then there is a chance that they have some music on display in their homes (from the HHA showcase). That is how I found my first music anyway.

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