I don't know how to move in Terraria, I have tried tapping on the ground and scrolling but it doesn't work? Can anyone help me?

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    Given that you tried tapping on the ground, I'm assuming you are playing the Terraria iOS version? - You tagged it with the PC version :)
    – Elva
    Commented Mar 10, 2014 at 9:45

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The movement keys are well described by Cyan. Should you have the mobile version: there are a couple of circles in the bottom left corner. Moving the blue cursor in any direction beyong the most inner circle will cause your character to move in that direction; the speed is depending on how far out you move your cursor. Jumping is the same thing.

It is definitely advisable to stick to PC with this game; touchscreen controls can be quite frustrating if you need to be precise, like in this game.


You can move using the W, A, S & D keys.

You can also find a list of all controls here.

  • Answer was made before Tag was changed to Mobile version, I'll leave it here for posterity
    – CyanAngel
    Commented Mar 10, 2014 at 17:23

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