In the previous games encumbrance impacted certain movement based actions, like rolling, and worked on a breakpoint system. However I've heard Dark Souls 2 no longer uses a break point system, and my experience in-game seems to suggests this as well.

How does encumbrance work in Dark Souls 2?

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So I've played around in-game and have discovered that encumbrance impacts roll speed, roll distance, and movement speed. These findings are supported by this video, which also reveals that stamina recovery is affected by encumbrance as well. I've posted the findings from the video and my in-game testing below.

  • Roll Speed
    • Uses encumbrance breakpoints
    • < 70% fast roll speed
    • 70% slow roll speed

    • 120% can't roll

  • Roll Distance
    • Doesn’t use encumbrance breakpoints, has an indirect relationship (distance decreases as encumbrance increases)
    • Roll distance decreases as your encumbrance increases
  • Stamina Recovery Rate:
    • Doesn’t use encumbrance breakpoints, has an indirect relationship (recovery rate decreases as encumbrance increases)
    • Stamina recovery rate is cut in half at 105.8% encumbrance (compared to 0%)
    • With 132 stamina recovery rate was:
    • 2.3s at 0%
    • 3.1s at 56.2%
    • 4.0s at 85%
    • 4.6s at 105.8%
  • Movement Speed:
    • Uses breakpoints
    • 100% walking and sprinting is slower

    • 120% walking speed further decreases and can no longer sprint

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