After a versus game, the players are awarded with awards based on things that happened during the game. What are all the different awards that you can get? How do I get each of them?


Most Lethal - Dispatched the most archers.

Bubble Breaker Award - Destroyed the most shields.

Quick Draw Award - Be efficient. (don't hold the shoot button to aim)

Most Devious - Exploiting screen wrap.

Most Vindictive - Kills from beyond the grave.

Greediest - Swiped the most treasure.

Longest Innings - Survived the longest.

Late To The Party Award - Mostly Harmless. (only got the last kill in a round)

Most Prepared - Always ready for a fight!

Least Prepared - Gathered the least arrows.

Most Trigger-Happy - Shot the most arrows. Settle down!

Worst Accounting - Shooting with an empty quiver.

Who Needs Arrows? - For stomping archers to death.

Marksmanship Award - Best shot to kill ratio.

Longest Shot - Trick shot!

Pickpocket Award - Stole the most arrows.

Most Regal - Wore the crown the most.

Regicide Award - Assassinated the most queens and kings.

Fetal Position Award - Ducking the most.

Cannonball Award - Hold down to fall fast.

Koala Award - Clinging to ledges the most.

Koala Hunter Award - Killed those koalas.

Most Evasive - Dodged the most.

Most Zen - Caught the most arrows.

Least Composed - Dying during your dodge cool down.

Artless Dodger Award - Dodged a lot but never caught an arrow.

Most Twitchy - Barely catching arrows.

Super Booper - Crafty dodger. (get a kill while dodging)

Most Takebacks - Caught your own arrows.

Turncloak Award - Betrayed your teammates.

Damage Control Award - Crisis averted. (not sure, probably for killing someone who has a lot of dangerous arrows)

Most Reckless - Accident-prone. (dying on stage traps)

Most Compressed - Crushed by moving platforms :(

Most Fashionable - Retrieved your hat. Style points!

Usurper Award - For putting on other archers' crowns.

William Tell Award - Shot the hats off your enemies' heads.

Bottle Rocket Award - Adept at surviving explosions.

Double Kill - Two kills from one shot.

Triple Kill - Three kills from one shot.

Cause And Effect Award - Consequences.

Bank Shot Award - Best laser bounce kill.

Green Thumb Award - Call the Brambulance.

X-Ray Vision Award - Most Conductive.

Right Angle Award - Get a kill with a bolt arrow at 90 degrees.

From The Grave Award - Get a kill after dying.

Eagle Eye Award - Extreme accuracy.

Vendetta Award - Bullied a specific archer.

Most Thorough - Swept the most rounds.

Comeback King - won the match by just living (male characters)

Comeback Queen - won a match by just living (female characters)

Comeback Kid - won a match by just living (prancing puppet)

Steak In Mouth Award - reach the point limit but die in some way such that the match no longer ends.

Consolation Prize - Well, at least you showed up. (you didn't get any other awards)

Overachiever Award - finish with 2 kills more than the required kill limit.

Ironman Award - Didn't die at all.

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  • There is a list on GameRevolution which has more detailed descriptions for some of the awards. Would you be ok if I updated the descriptions and linked to the article, or should I post as a separate answer. – Stevoisiak Nov 23 '17 at 23:59
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  • It seems the Dark Word DLC added a few awards. The ingame archive now lists a total of 70 awards. – Stevoisiak Nov 24 '17 at 1:33

The Steak in Mouth award is given to a player who was about to win, but then died before the final point could be awarded, followed by that player losing the match instead. Hence the award image of a King being shot with arrows.

The Cause and Effect award is for players who fire a laser arrow, but have that laser arrow ricochet back onto them, killing them.


Someone over on Steam compiled a slightly more complete list. Here are the important differences from the list above:

Quick Draw Award - Didn't hold the Shoot button to aim.

Late To The Party Award - Only got the last kill in a round.

Mostly Harmless - In over your head.

Artless Dodger Award - Dodged a lot, but never caught an arrow.

Super Booper - Stomped someone while dodging horizontally.

Damage Control Award - Caught an arrow fired at them by a teammate in TDM.

X-Ray Vision Award - Most drill arrow kills.

Most Conductive - Electrocuted an opponent. [Catch a bolt arrow to electrocute enemies near you]

Right Angle Award - Most bolt arrow kills.

From The Grave Award - Got a kill as a ghost. [Use the "Return as Ghost" variant, and touch a living player]

Comeback King/Queen/Kid - Won the match after hanging behind. [The "Kid" one is exclusive to the Prancing Puppet, all others are based on the archer's gender]

Steak In Mouth Award - Reached the point limit, lost the point by suicide [or any other way to lose a point], and then lost the match.

Overachiever Award - Finished with at least 2 points more than required by the point limit.

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