My village suffered a few disease outbreaks throughout the years, and so far it's always been very easy to survive them — typically, only one or two citizens get the disease and they're quickly treated.

The diseases were of different types: smallpox, dysentery etc... but they all seemed to work the same way, so I assumed it was just flavor text. This time however, I got the Plague, and it was radically more lethal: in about one minute of time at 10x, the disease has spread to 36 of my 380 citizens and killed 5 of them.

It might be related to the size of the settlement or something else, or it might be that different diseases have different effects. Does anyone know about this?

Edit: The disease is gone. It took my two doctors a season to cure and killed around 50 citizens.


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There are some data about that on banished wikis like on this page : http://banished-wiki.com/wiki/Disease

The population may get sick naturally, or as the town grows as a result of traders or nomads coming to the town. The population can suffer from diseases such as influenza, plague and everything in-between. Some diseases spread quickly, some linger, some have high fatality rates, some low. The diseases will spread from citizen to citizen based on health factors and proximity. Physicians and Herbalists can help keep the population healthy and cure the diseases in some cases.

Taking in nomads significantly raises the risk of an outbreak of a disease.

Although foresters can plant new trees, the cures for many diseases can only be found by Herbalists in forests that have existed for decades.

  • Nice. Did someone compile a "ranking" of diseases?
    – Timst
    Mar 14, 2014 at 19:17

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