Using command blocks or NBT-edit (or even enchanted books in creative I think), you can create horse armor with enchantments.

Do enchantments like Protection or even Sharpness have an effect when the armor is equipped on the horse? So will the Protection enchantment actually protect the horse from taking damage?

It would be great to have these features for a PVP map.


According to the Minecraft wiki:

Horse armor cannot be enchanted in survival mode, but you can use an anvil in creative mode. Enchanted horse armor will not have any effects on the horse.

So no, enchantments to horse armor will not have any affect on a horse. In addition, the armor will not "glow" as if it was enchanted.

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When you enchant horse armor on console(Xbox 360 edition) it glows in inventory but does not glow when on a horse. Protection does not work but unbreaking does! Based on personal experience.

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