I got the armour from the Hagia Sophia, when I saw that it covered Ezio's face I went back to see if I could remove just the headgear by selecting a piece of the Master Assassin Armour, I had a feeling that, like the other Ultimate Armour sets in the previous games, by selecting one piece I would equip the entire set.

When I put the Master Assassin Armour back on, I noticed that my health was mainly unchanged, I went back to the armour I got from the Hagia Sophia because I wasn't checking the stats at the time and notice they were the exact same.

I am wondering, is there a difference between the 2 sets?

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The stats for both the Master Assassin's armour & Ishak Pasha's armour (which is found from the Hagia Sophia) are identical:

Spaulders/Pauldrons: 4 Health, 8 Resistance [Unbreakable]
Chest Guard:         6 Health, 8 Resistance [Unbreakable]
Bracers/Vambraces:   2 Health, 8 Resistance [Unbreakable]
Greaves:             3 Health, 8 Resistance [Unbreakable]

It seems that they both have hidden abilities however; 'the armour also had a hidden effect, which was silent sprinting

The only difference which is mentioned is that while wearing Ishak Pasha's armour that the guards are more likely to flee due to a belief that it is cursed.


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