Is there a page/wiki shows each items in the game (Hay Day) cost how many diamonds? I am currently trying to figure out the requested items in boat order list worth how many diamonds.

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List of Cost in Diamonds of completed products (Alphabetical):


Item Name   ProductionDiamonds
Chili Pepper4 Hours   7       
Cotton      2.5 Hours 7       
Soybean     20 Minutes2       
Sugar Cane  30 Minutes3       
Tomato      6 Hours   8       

Expansion Items:

Item Name   Diamonds
Land Deed   12      
Mallet      12      
Marker Stick12      


Item Name   ProductionDiamonds
Chicken Feed5 Minutes 2       
Cow Feed    10 Minutes3       


Item Name   ProductionDiamonds
Blue Lure   1 Hour    34      
Gold Lure   30 Minutes83      
Green Lure  1.25 Hours19      
Purple Lure 45 Minutes53      
Red Lure    1.5 Hours 5       

Upgrade Items:

Item Name   Diamonds
Bolt        8       
Duct Tape   8       
Nail        8       
Plank       8       
Screw       8       
Wood Panel  8       

Utility Items:

Item Name   Diamonds
Axe         4       
Dynamite    3       
Saw         5       
Shovel      10      
TNT Barrel  7       

Other Products:

Item Name   ProductionDiamonds
Brown Sugar 20 Minutes5       
Cheese      1 Hour    22      
Cherry Juice2.5 Hours 40      
Fish Fillet 2 Hours   11      
Syrup       1.5 Hours 17      

Other Services:

Service Name   Diamonds
Get Boat Now   5       
Publish Advert 1       
Remove Advert  1       

*Note: I am going to keep updating this list as I go, since it has been a long time and no answer, I might as well start an attempt.

  • you can regard fish fillet as a 2-hour item, since it is that long to the fastest fishing spot to respawn.
    – Mindwin
    Sep 17, 2014 at 0:06

Since HowlinWulf already posted the tables and they are correct, I am derailing the question a bit in order to discuss strategy.

The most efficient way of using diamonds to complete boat orders (if you have some (6 or more) hours left on the boat, is to hire Tom. (wiki article on Tom)

For 15 diamonds a day, Tom can get you up to 108 items of almost any kind, including saws, shovels, dinamyte, EXCEPT building materials (deed, screws, planks, etc).

YMMV because you won't be up every two hours of the whole day like a cuckoo clock. But it will still be less than half diamond per item even if you only visit the farm four times in those 24 hours. You can refuse his search if the large order is not nine items and he will rest for two minutes, then be ready again. The full two hours waiting is only after you buy something from Tom.

All the boat order's requested items can be obtained via Tom. Ask for help on the ones with high quantity, send Tom to fetch the rarer ones.

in the 4 hours delay between boats, you can send Tom in advance twice to prep the next order.

Also, the cost of using tom can drop to lower than 0.1 diamond per item if you hire him for 10 days, even lower if you get him with the discount baloon. (it can reach a minimum of 0.083 diamond per item, if you give up your real world life for 10 days - ProTip: don't).

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