Is the Tall Tales trophy for Towerfall Ascension broken on PS4?

When checking my stats, I can see I have already played more than the 1,000 rounds of versus mode per the trophy description but it didn't unlock. I also see the statistic of the Tall Tales (Play 1,000 rounds of Versus mode) trophy are at 0% (meaning no player has unlocked it).

Could it be just the trophy description that is bad and the trophy is actually for completing 1,000 matches (not rounds)?


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It seems that right now the trophies are glitched:

Glitched Trophies: The 1,000 round trophy, and presumably the 20,000 round trophies, are not unlocking. The developer is aware of the glitch and is working on a patch. At this point, it is unknown whether the trophy will unlock retroactively. I would recommend just playing the game normally and not worrying about not unlocking the trophy. If it gets patched and does not unlock retroactively, simply copy your save to a USB and start over. If you reach 20,000 rounds before the patch is released, I would recommend backing up your saved game to a USB flash drive just in case.

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Better be patient I guess.


The Tall Tales trophy on PS4 was fixed with a patch on August 19th, 2014.

From the Towerfall Devlog:


  • Fixed Tall Tales and Massive Mythology trophies never unlocking
  • Fixed the new variant ’!’ on the variants menu not drawing with the correct transparency
  • Fixed facing direction flipping when another player bumps you while you’re ducking
  • Picking up your own crown no longer counts toward the Usurper Award
  • Picking up your own hat now only counts toward the Most Fashionable award if you were previously hatless

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