I was trying to make some sort of color display in Minecraft. I decided it might be nice to use colored armor in ItemFrames as the pixels. I have this working command:

/summon ItemFrame ~ ~ ~1 {Direction:0,TileX:362,TileY:56,TileZ:-653,Item:{id:minecraft:leather_chestplate,tag:{display:{color:255}}}}

It places an ItemFrame on the Command block (at 362,56,-653) on the +Z side with a blue chestplate in it. I would like to be able to have lots of pixels for the display, but the data tag can't handle something like {Direction:0,TileX:~,TileY:~,TileZ:~,....

I was wondering if there was some way of making the display either have a relatively-positioned data tag or summon one frame and /tp it to the right location. If this isn't possible without mods, what kind of display would have the second-most color options (other than setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:wool [color]) in vanilla Minecraft?

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I solved this question a while ago, and I lost my save file somewhere, so I'm not sure how exactly I did this, but here's basically what I did:

  • Make a wall of command blocks behind any plain colored block behind a wall of trapdoors
  • Program the command blocks to spawn a leather armor item on the trapdoor 2 blocks away
  • Rearrange command blocks to change colors
  • To refresh the screen, kill all the items on the trapdoors and power all the command blocks

    CX_   C=Command
    CX_   X=Any block
    CX_   _=Trapdoor

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