As a lifelong gamer I was amazed by the difficulty of Worms 2 Armageddon on the Android platform. After a long struggle I finally was able to finish level 30 which basically is the end of the campaign. I must say, I am a little proud at myself for this. However... With the gold coins earned you can buy 5 bonus campaign levels (31-35). So far it seems impossible to me to finish level 31. I even wonder what level 32-->35 will bring.

I don't want to spoil anything about the level, but let me just say you are in a HUGE disadvantage when it comes to number of worms and health per worm.

I tried digging myself in, grouping with enemies so I have a human shield (read: worm shield) and numerous of other tricks, but I can't even get close to winning. One time I got pretty close. Meaning I completed about 80 to 90 percent of the level, but in 100 tries or something, that was a one timer.

So, does anyone have some nice tips/tactics?

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I have managed to do this, after a very long frustrating few weeks!

The strategy was to exploit the start where you have one neighboring worm in your section. A simple fire punch (or dragon ball... the blue punch) almost immediately kills this worm, who can then be easily finished off.

Then, simply wait (skip go's if necessary). Packages will teleport near you, and some enemy worms will teleport to get them. These can then be killed in one go, simply by pushing them in to the water. Keep doing this until no more worms come to you (this method also exhausts their teleports). Using this method, I got rid of all the worms on the left side of the level.

Now the tough stuff begins. Making sure you track which enemy worm is next, slowly make your way over to the right, one section at a time (via blowtorch), and kill the enemy worms you encounter. This is possible as there are still a fair few enemy worms left, so you have enough turns to use the shotgun etc.

You'll (probably) be left now with a small nest (3-4) of worms in the lower right corner, and 2-3 worms in the upper right corner. As soon as an opening appears, throw the holy grenade in to the left corner: we need to completely destroy the landscape here. Make sure you still have the next turn free, as this will leave you wide open to next-go attack (use girders to plug the opening if necessary, to stall them).

If you are lucky, you can kill all the lower-left worms in one go. However, as I found, this usually needs 2-3 go's (tip: a banana bomb, thrown so as it bounces little, will release its follow-on bananas close by, so this is very useful for destroying a lot of land.)

Now, you should be left with 2-3 worms in the upper right corner. Use the bit of time you have here to open up the water in the right side of the level. The plan is to do this as much as possible, then teleport away (once you are in danger ie the upper right worms have made an opening in the landscape to fire at you) to stock up on health crates. Once you are safely away, look to use the earthquake to simply drop the remaining worms in to the open water.

If, however, the last worm decides to blowtorch up and to the right (this happened to me), use a girder to 'block' him in. This is tricky with the controls, but you have plenty of time to manage it. Then, with high health levels, teleport across (behind the girder), and do everything you can to blow the worm off the course (eg. blowtorch underneath him, then pack the tunnel with dynamite. Done right, you can simply push him off the course next go).

Good luck! This is a horrible, frustrating level, but so satisfying to defeat!

  • This is almost the last strategy I tried. Thanks for the tip for the last few worms. I'll try that soon! – Valentin Grégoire May 16 '14 at 23:24

Apologies for the late reply, but I've just been having the same problem. This level has had me screaming in total frustration for the last week.

The best tactic I have is the starting move. Assuming that the level is decorated with the taxi (or newspaper machine on some occasions), and you are in the same section of map with the bulk of enemies...

I've had the most success by backflipping, then turning around and crawling to the top-right of the section. And then lobbing a banana bomb over the taxi/newspaper machine into the 4 or 5 enemies.

In typical fashion, the banana bomb is completely random and unreliable, and you always wind up with a different result, but if you're lucky you can knock out most of those worms.

Even though the banana bomb can make a mess out of you too, its almost worth persisting with the match just to see how it works out.

This technique followed by counting which enemy's turn is next (so I can avoid that worm, and hopefully clean up one of the others) has resulted in getting me to a one-on-one match with the last enemy.

(Only for him to wipe the floor with me, or me to stuff up and fall into the water. But it's the best I've got.)

I'll add a comment if this method pays out, but I've been at the level for a week already, and this technique only seemed viable today and your question is the best that Google gave me, so please let me know if you had any luck, or how you go.

Edit: In case anyone else needs an answer, I finally beat this awful level. It was honestly blind luck... The banana bomb start is the way to go, but its pure luck since it'll never do the same thing twice.

I was lucky enough for it to kill two of the three worms straight away which left me enough turns to wipe out the other one in that section before taking damage.

At that point, it's getting to a fairer game - but the remainder was avoiding enemies unless you can get a guaranteed kill.

Even then, when I got to one-on-one I was lucky enough that it teleported to a precariously positioned crate and fell in the water. I had no idea how to kill him unless he killed himself, so this was a total bonus.

(The computer skill in this game is maddening. Some of the shots it makes to perfectly bounce a grenade around 3+ times and have it land directly next to you are rage inducing.)

So my final answer is to play as strategically as possible, avoiding enemies, and counting turns... until they give you the opportunity for an instant kill without taking damage. And even then pray for luck.

  • I kinda stopped playing it after a while. Your tactic is basically the same as mine. The problem is you can't get hit because in the one on one in the end, you will lose hard. I kow the feels bro! – Valentin Grégoire Apr 19 '14 at 12:06
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    I finally beat it. Added details above. :) – Captain Fancypants Apr 20 '14 at 0:41
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    How is 32 now? :D Thanks for your answer!! – Valentin Grégoire Apr 20 '14 at 1:18
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    Looks like it has the same odds, there's no sections dividing it, but they are alot closer to the water, so a lucky banana bomb seems to be the choice so far. Good luck if you're inspired to take it up again. I'd love to know if anyone tested level 31 with beginner players before releasing it. – Captain Fancypants Apr 20 '14 at 1:30
  • Just to really twist the knife... It turns out level 34 is the same as 31 just a different theme... Same layout and odds. >:( Although it has been a bit easier so far, but maybe that's because I know how to play it... – Captain Fancypants Apr 21 '14 at 4:49

A good move is to drop a Sentry Gun in the first section, in the hope that the remaining worms attack it and take each other out. Then in the second move teleport to the section on the left with 1 worm and several mines.

Firepunch the worm in this section into the mines. Sometimes it kills him outright. You might need to drop a grenade on top too. Keep dropping grenades on the crater until it makes a hole into the water, then wait for crates to land in your section which tempt the other worms in. When they come, Dragon Punch their arses into the water.

I can usually get down to the last 2 worms doing this, only to lose to a ridiculous shot by the remainder.

  • Interesting strategy. Nice one, will try it! – Valentin Grégoire Apr 26 '14 at 12:40

enter image description here

Finished level 31. Won by the usual start, punch worm into mines, throw petrol grenade. Wait. Punch more as they teleport in. In mean time undermine the bottom cell of worms and once done roll grenades under them. Try to create holes to drop them in the water. Once that is unsafe teleport to safest cell. Protect vs attack. Use earthquake to drop as many in the water as you can. When in doubt wait and seek protection. In some variants of level 31 they make mistakes when you wait.

  • Got thru level 35, the end of the trail...the slimey wormy trail. – Leeroy 151 Aug 2 '18 at 2:35

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