Unlike in Assassin's Creed 2, your health increases when you craft items and all the outfits you can obtain seem to be just cosmetic.

Since the Mayan/Templar Armour are equipped from the same menu as all the other outfits, do they have any in-game benefits?


The Mayan and Templar armors do give special benefits.

  • The Mayan Armor deflects all ranged attacks
  • The Templar Armor reduces all damage by 25%

other armors that have benefits

  • Stealth outfit - you can hide better, enemies won't detect you as easily.
  • Hunter outfit - reduces range of detection from animals

The other armors are all cosmetic, though.

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They are not purely cosmetic.

1. Mayan Outfit

Ability to help deflect incoming metal projectiles (bullets).

enter image description here

2. Templar Armor

Increased resistance against enemy attacks.

enter image description here

3. Stealth Outfit

Decreased detection of enemies (makes you more stealthy).

enter image description here

In addition, the hunter outfit reduces range of detection of animals.

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