I was on Minecraft the other day and I encountered a problem. Normally on my Minecraft I click an item once and I an move it around my inventory at will. Although when I tried it the other day, I had to click the item and drag it to move it anywhere. It started when I loaded up the Vechs Super Hostile, Inferno Mines off of Minecraft forums. I've tried deleting Minecraft and re-downloading it, restarting Minecraft, and shutting down the computer. Any and all help would be appreciated on the matter ASAP. I really like this game and I don't want to have to deal with this annoying feature on adventure maps. Thank you.


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Does this happen often? If so, then other people may be experiencing this problem. I do not experience it so it may be something related to your key board. If it doesn't happen often, I suggest you ignore it because it only takes away like 1 second every time (Excluding the use of chests).

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