In the #Recursion anomaly, following each weekend event there is a period of time in which artifacts can be moved around, as summarized on the Ingress Report EP46 (transcript)

I've also heard that there are rules around the minimum level of a portal that holds an artifact.

What is the full set of rules, or at least sitreps for the various artifact movements to date (like FRANCE SITREP FOR ARTIFACTS 7 AND 8 #Recursion Shards, we deliver. Ingress Resistance Paris - France - Google+)

Update: more questions:

Do artifacts only move at the top of the hour or 30 minutes after the hour?

If there are multiple eligible links out from a portal that has an artifact, where does it move to?

What does "locking" of artifacts mean?


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The rules change from week to week, and sometimes during play, it seems.

The rules for the Las Vegas event are at IQTech Research - Google+ - #DICE2014   #RECURSION  

Rules for the final LA/Berlin event

Example of rule changes for L7+ portals needed for artifacts: Ingress post on G+: Breaking lab analysis

Some updates are at Ingress - Google+ - #RECURSION XM ARTIFACT STATUS

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