In the #Recursion anomaly, following each weekend event there is a period of time in which artifacts can be moved around, as summarized on the Ingress Report EP46 (transcript)

I've also heard that there are rules around the minimum level of a portal that holds an artifact.

What is the full set of rules, or at least sitreps for the various artifact movements to date (like FRANCE SITREP FOR ARTIFACTS 7 AND 8 #Recursion Shards, we deliver. Ingress Resistance Paris - France - Google+)

Update: more questions:

Do artifacts only move at the top of the hour or 30 minutes after the hour?

If there are multiple eligible links out from a portal that has an artifact, where does it move to?

What does "locking" of artifacts mean?


The rules change from week to week, and sometimes during play, it seems.

The rules for the Las Vegas event are at IQTech Research - Google+ - #DICE2014   #RECURSION  

Rules for the final LA/Berlin event

Example of rule changes for L7+ portals needed for artifacts: Ingress post on G+: Breaking lab analysis

Some updates are at Ingress - Google+ - #RECURSION XM ARTIFACT STATUS

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