1. Must a ghost see a location to which it plans to throw a bomb?

  2. If "yes", is it required to see that target location the WHOLE time or it is enough to see it for launch only?

  3. Can Ghost switch-on cloaking after launch is started before launch is completed?

  4. How much damage does a nuclear missile do? I see it depends on the distance from the exposure center to the target. But what is a dependency? A supply depot close to center will be destroyed, so the damage is at least 400 HP... but what is exact value?

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. No (at least not till 2 seconds before the nuke lands)
  4. 300 (+200 vs. structures) damage in a large radius (though in the single player tosh does 700 + 500 vs structures

A nuke does 500 to buildings, 300 to units in the center. It decays as you go outward, as shown in this image from the Liquidpedia entry on Nukes.

enter image description here


1) Yes.

2) It needs to see the location as long as the reticule is there. As soon as the moving part reaches the center, he can move.

3) No.

4) Not sure.

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