I am playing the first part of the Arma 3 single player campaign, "Survive" on the mission "Death Valley." I can complete the mission up to the point when the squad begins being mortared, and the player is tasked with deploying a UAV to find the enemy mortar crew.

Every time, I can find the body with the UAV terminal on it, but I can never seem to find the UAV itself. Using the UAV terminal does nothing other than bring up a map screen. The UAV bag on the body has nothing in it.

I have played the mission in the past where I have found the quad-rotor, but I cannot, for the life of me, consistently remember where to find the UAV itself. Is it on the same person where you find the UAV terminal? Where can I find the quad-rotor, so that I can assemble it and complete that mission?

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Although there is nothing in the bag when you look, the UAV is dissasembled inside. Put the UAV backpack ON YOU. Then choose assemble UAV from action-menu. Hope it helps


the uav is the bag itself.loot the bag

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