I managed to save up $1 in the auction house. Will I ever see the money again?

What happened to the money I earned from auctions now that auction house has closed?

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Your money isn't really gone but it also hasn't ever been in the auction house itself. All money you've earned with auctions is still in your Battle-Net account. You can think of it as a bank account provided by Blizzard. The money linked to your account can be used to buy Blizzard games, WoW playtime and in-game Items from the Blizzard store.

For in-game gold battle.net says:

To claim items or gold from a completed or expired auction, visit the Completed tab in the auction house interface. You can claim completed auctions until Jun. 24, 2014—after that, the Auction House interface will no longer be available in-game. Any items or gold left unclaimed as of Jun. 24th will be permanently lost.

This is from the US battle.net page and since you wrote about dollars I assume you are asking about the american game servers.

For EU the same date counts. (English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español)

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