According the in-game docs, the "Armory bonus XP" for lower-level classes depends on the level difference between that class and your main class.

Armoury Bonus

However, many places (including another answer on Arqade) claim that's incorrect and the bonus is always a fixed 50%.

A quick Google search gives a lot of conflicting information. For instance, here:

It is a flat 50% bonus to all but your single highest DoW/DoM class. The pop-up that explains the armoury bonus does say the level difference determines the bonus, it lied.

And here:

The Armory XP bonus caps at 50%. It's possible to hit this cap with a relatively small difference in levels.

And here:

It's 50% bonus if they're > 2 levels lower than your highest, if they're < 2 levels it's 20%.

None of them provide any sources.

Does anyone have any authoritative source on the matter?
Or better yet, has anyone Used Their Science!!!™ to figure it out?

  • The next time I don't have rested xp I'll have to check for sure...I have always just understood it to be a flat 50% though. – Shinrai Mar 29 '14 at 1:40
  • The help dialog didn't really lie to anyone per say, but rather it's referring about the amount of EXP you get rather than the percentage. In my experience it's a flat 50% until your second highest combat class matches your (previously) highest combat class level. – Krazer May 13 '14 at 17:59

As of patch 3.0, the experience bonus is a flat +100% when on a job below level 50, and +50% between levels 50 and 60.

From the 3.0 patch notes:

Screenshot of the patch notes showing this change

As always, this bonus is only active if you're playing a class/job that is lower level than your highest-level class/job.


It is a flat 50%. I believe that the older comments that allude to it scaling up based on level are either based on 1.0 information or possible design that has since changed.

(Source: Personal experience in 2.1 and onward, both at sub-50 [Arcanist 30, leveling Conjurer and Thaumaturge] and at-50 [Arcanist 50, leveling Lancer and Archer].)

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