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Hello I read in these questions:

These question explain than can only be used 16 GB (or 32 GB partitioned) in a external USB storage Device on an Xbox 360

Listen to co-workers that a new update for Xbox 360 allows you to use the full capacity of a hard drive, for example a 1 TB external hard drive, but I have not found anything on the internet.

Is this true?

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I have a 1 TB hard drive I hooked up to my Xbox and it will only use 32 GB on the 1 TB hard drive. As far as I know. you have to get a special NTFS hard drive made by Microsoft to use with your Xbox.

  • There is nothing special about the hdd that Microsoft sells besides be in the enclosure – Ramhound Mar 30 '14 at 15:39

The authoritative source for Xbox 360 storage-related info is Microsoft:

Why does Xbox 360 only support 32GB of storage, even though I have a much larger device?

Supporting USB storage devices up to 32GB in size is a huge increase in storage over any solid state memory storage solutions currently available for Xbox 360.

(Note that this has increased from 16 to 32 GB since the last time we covered this topic)

I also tried plugging in a 64 GB USB key into my Xbox 360 today, and it only let me use 32 GB. My Xbox 360 is patched to the latest. As far as I know, there's no beta patch or other plans to increase this.

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