As time passes by, tanks are becoming more and more of an annoyance for me in GTAV Online.

Before the last update, people in tanks at least paid for my car insurance, now I'm driving around, minding my own business when BAM, my adder gets blown to pieces and I'm the one to pay 12,5k for its insurance.

Being a level 52, I'm still unable to reach the right guns for the job, so I was wondering:

How do I get rid of tank with grenades and sticky bombs being my most disruptive devices?

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To destroy a tank go off the radar and put 5 sticky bombs on it. Detonate them and BAM!

This works best when the tank is parked and I would suggest be in a civilian car as they won't expect you! If they are parked and do not see you why not steal it?

  • Don't just put sticky bombs on it. Put them on the rear grille. The tank can withstand more explosives from the front and sides, and the grille is where the engine is, a "weak spot". – x otikoruk x Aug 5 '16 at 10:51

I'm level 25 I can throw sticky grades on the tank and detonate them or get an attack chopper from my friend and that's how I kill tanks


if I were you I would go on passive mode an they cant shot you but they can run you over so just run an get up high.

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