I'm looking at figuring out a complex (ish) hidden door and I'm going to be using a fair few pistons. A lot of the time I'm going to need to use pistons in different orders.

Example (All sticky pistons)


Piston 1 pushes Piston 2 behind a block

Piston 2 pushes out a block.


Piston 2 pulls the block

Piston 1 pulls back Piston 2

There depending if I'm opening or closing the door I need to fire the pistons in a different order. Is there a "recommended" method of doing this in Minecraft?

  • The only thing you would be aware of is not to activate all pistons simultaneously. A delay between the 2nd and the 1st piston would be needed IIRC. What have you tried? – Doktoro Reichard Apr 5 '14 at 2:09
  • Is it a 2x2 door – 09stephenb Apr 5 '14 at 19:58

For a 2x2 door may I recommend this video as it will guide you through making it. However, if you'd prefer a more 'complex' design may I recommend this 3x3 piston door tutorial. I hope this has helped as I didn't know exactly what you wanted.

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