I found a Fighters Guild in TESO and now I wonder whether or not some other guilds are in the game. As far as I know there are 4 guilds that are always present in Elder Scrolls games (Fighter, Mage, Thief, Assassin).

I'm really interested in the Dark Brotherhood since I play a rogue but it would also be nice to know where the other guilds are.

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Right now there are three NPC guilds in the game, which you can join - all offering a unique skill line for your character:

  • The Fighters Guild is pretty much what you expect them to be. They've taken a massive contract to fight back Molag Bal's Dark Anchors and all Daedra.
  • The Mages Guild is pretty much what you expect them to be as well. They're trying to preserve knowledge throughout the times of war.
  • The Undaunted are new in the series. They're a group of adventurers trying to prove their worth and they're a bit like a group of posers. They want to fight the biggest, strongest, meanest creatures and win.

Unfortunately, some guilds didn't make it right into launch , but they're scheduled to be added at a later date, most likely later this year:

  • The Dark Brotherhood will be added later. They're still quite the same as in the previous games and will most likely offer contracts and bounties.
  • The Thieves Guild will be back as well. They didn't release any details so far, but it's quite likely that its introduction will also introduce a crime/stealing system.

Also, there are quite a few other groups in the game. Some you'll be able to join, but they won't necessarily grant you direct bonuses or skills. Warning: spoiler ahead!

  • The Eyes of the Queen are a network of spies working outside the Aldmeri Dominion's laws (as far as necessary) and subject only to Queen Ayrenn herself.
  • The Morag Tong are quite similar to the Dark Brotherhood, although they're quite focused on Morrowind.
  • The Shadowscales are a group of Argonians bringing the gift of Sithis to those worthy. Another group of assassins (is there some pattern? ;)).
  • The Beldama Wyrd are a circle of witches from Glenumbra. They're pretty much classic druids, but only women.
  • The Companions you've met in Skyrim appear in ESO as well, but you're not able to become one of them.
  • And probably many others I just forgot to mention right now... this list is definitely incomplete.

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