When I join a server I try to move but I get pushed back to my spawn point. I know I have to do the /login (password) thing but when I do it, I get an error during authentication. Anyone know why?


This is not an error. You simply need to login to the server to make sure you are the one using your account. Every single time you join a server with this type of authentication you will need to enter into the chat:

/login (password)

Your password can be anything. If you are wondering, the message will not be displayed to any other people. It is stored as a hash and therefore owners of servers will not be able to see your password. Just to make sure, use a password you have never used before.

If you would like to change your password, just unregister and register again.

/unregister (password)

Remember that /register can be used as /login. So if you are on a new server, you can save time by not typing three letters.

written by LameBrains on Arqade

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  • I know that. But when I enter it, it tells me error during authentication. What I types in was /login (password) I'm not sharing my password, but obviously I typed my personal password where it says passowrd. I tried multiple times but it's not working. – Alicia Apr 6 '14 at 2:46

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