When you recruit units in Knights and Merchants there are symbols below the portrait of the unit you are recruiting. Although I know two of the symbols represent attack and defense, some units like the Pikeman have a third symbol. (looks like bunch of v's connected together) What does this symbol mean?

Here is a picture:

pikeman's symbols

How do all of these symbols translate to actual combat? If you have one defense does that mean you have to be hit one more time to die?

  • I would put the last part of your question into a different question. Anyway, I've never played the game, but could it be armor vs mounted units since the 'v' looks like a horseshoe. – deutschZuid Apr 9 '14 at 1:55

U symbol means attack strength against mounted units.

Pikemen/Hallebardmen have a bonus against mounted units. Their attack is quite weak against foot soldiers, but they fight very well against horse units.

Note that actual attack/defense values used by the game are encoded in the units.dat file and they change a little from those shown on units pictures. I can't recall the change at the moment, but you may as well ask a separate question about that.

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