One of the final bee-related quests requires you to breed bees to produce certus combs. In order to get this bee, you need to have access to ender bees. How can I get ender bees in Agrarian Skies?

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As of version 2.1.1 of the Agrarian Skies pack, Ender Bees are a reward for the "Work Harder" quest in the Bees and Trees quest tree.

Ender bees as a reward.

Aside from that, you can only get Ender Bees with an Ex Nihilo artificial hive in The End, surrounded by End Stone.


Just FYI, I placed 5 scented hives in the End in various positions. 2 were in the center of a 5x5x10 block (in the center of each 5x5x5 cube) with views of the sky, 3 were placed on top of the 5x5x10 rectangular prism. I got 2 End hives, both from on top of the cubes.

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