Xbox 360 Slim with 4 Gb HDD and two USBs: 3.1 Gbs free (4 Gbs total) and 4.6 Gbs free (16 Gbs total)

Titanfall, which I have enough overall storage for its 1.5 Gbs, says I need to store it on the HDD which is nearly full on its own.

On the HDD, Black Ops II has 2.2 Gbs (separate files for Title Update, Vengeance map pack, something else). Curiously, BLOPS2 also has a Title Update on at least one of the other two USBs. Possibly both.

If I move the BLOPS2 files (all or just some like Vengeance since it's biggest) onto a USB stick, in either the ones with free space or a new stick, will it cause any online gameplay problems or the same problem with Titanfall prompting me to place it on the HDD?

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Yes that will be fine. You may have to redownload the map packs if it doesn't recognise them.

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    Move them all to the same stick if you can.
    – Brok3n
    Apr 12, 2014 at 5:20

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