Basically, I'm searching for items that gives a bonus damage against certain mobs. I already know a few, but I would like to have a complete list of them (with the possible bonus range on their lvl70 version).

(If you wonder why I'm looking for those items, you may want to read this other question I asked on Arqade)

Don't hesitate to help me if you know one or more :)

Bonus to {mob type}:

  • Pig Sticker: +15-30% damage to Beasts / +15-30% damage to Humans
  • Tyrael's Might: +10-20% damage to Demons

Bonus to Elites:

  • Unity: +12-15% damage to Elites
  • Stone of Jordan: +25-30% damage to Elites
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    Aughild's set bonus (3) => +15% to elite and the quiver BackBone Arrow (4-7) and Archfiend Arrow (5-8), thats the only i know from the top of my head – WizLiz Apr 13 '14 at 18:59

This list does not take in account every legacy items such as The star of Azkaranth which could in the pre 2.0 patch roll (3-5% vs elites) but no longer does (Legacy one vs RoS one)

Bonus vs Elite

Bonus vs other types

  • Tyrael's Might (chest : 10-20% damage to Demons)
  • Pig Sticker (1 hand dagger : 15-30% damage to Beasts and 15-30% damage to Humans)
  • Monster Hunter (1 hand sword : 5-6% damage to Beasts)
  • Sever (1 hand sword : 5-10% damage to Demons)
  • Is this an exhaustive list, or only what you know of? Thanks anyway :) – Divinicus Apr 14 '14 at 11:00
  • @Divinicus As far as I know its exhaustive, I went through the item list on the bnet online item guide and used the filter "elite" (to find damage vs elite) and "damage to" (like in damage to Demons/Beasts). I might have missed a bonus set but for the primary affixes of orange legendaries that's it. IF someone point out some missing one, Ill edit the post. – WizLiz Apr 14 '14 at 11:38
  • just to be complete, you should include diamonds in weapons. – l I Apr 15 '14 at 16:28

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