I have seen lots of controversy about this when it comes to fire (pyromancy) saying it is Int AND Fai and other say it is higher of Int OR Fai.

I am assuming that spells like dark and fire are based off the same stats as added fire or dark weapon damage.

Here is what I think and would like to verify:

Normal: STR or DEX depending on weapon
Fire: ??? INT AND FAI or higher of INT OR FAI 
Lightning: FAI
Magic: Int
Dark: ??? Lower of INT or FAI stats
Poison: DEX?
Bleed: DEX?
Mundane: character's lowest stat

I dont know if players can use these types:

Curse: ?
Petrify: ?

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I did some wiki research and I think I have it figured out:

Normal: STR and/or DEX depending on weapon
Fire: INT and FAI equally 
Lightning: FAI
Magic: INT
Dark: Lower of INT or FAI
Poison: Slight DEX 
Bleed: Slight DEX 
Mundane: Lowest stat 
Raw: removes scaling but adds high base damage

Sources: dark, fire, Other

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