I've been looking throughout caves and such but I can't find any moonstone. Is there a special place that I can find it (Besides blacksmiths)?

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The Skyrim wiki has compiled a nice list of all the places you can mine moonstore ores:

  • 7 veins in Mzulft (The Staff of Magnus quest required)
  • 5 veins in Soljund's Sinkhole, along with 3 loose ore in the mine and 2 ingots on a shelf within the crypt.
  • 2 veins in Blackreach.
  • 2 veins in Stony Creek Cave, southeast of Windhelm.
  • 2 veins northwest of Silent Moons Camp. Go up a steep hill. The veins are guarded by a bear or sometimes a sabre cat (depending on the Dragonborn's level) at the slope of the mountainside.
  • 1 vein on top of the mountain between Nightcaller Temple and Winterhold Imperial Camp.
  • 1 vein in Cronvangr Broodlair, in Cronvangr Cave.
  • 1 vein North of Skyborn Altar.
  • 1 vein in Crystaldrift Cave, southwest of Riften and west of Lost Tongue Overlook.
  • 1 vein near the gate to Cyrodiil, one to the right (follow the road south of Helgen. Takes some time).
  • 1 vein south of Wayward Pass, on one of the rock formations near the pathway.
  • 1 vein is East of Angi's Camp overlooking a cliff.
  • 1 vein south of Morthal, by a dragon burial mound.
  • 1 ore can be found on a shelf below deck in the Wreck of the Brinehammer.
  • 1 vein deep inside Tolvald's Crossing.
  • 1 vein at mountain peak on the south side of Raldbthar (easier to reach from Shearpoint and going east).
  • 1 vein along the crest between two mountain peaks east of Ironbind Overlook, an unmarked exit from Ironbind Barrow. The crest stretches east from three unmarked Dwemer pillars near the first peak.
  • 2 veins inside of Darkfall Cave, just across the bridge. They can also be found as loot on Dwarven Spiders.
  • 1 vein inside of Wolfskull Cave, Wolfskull Ruins, in the second room on a small rock.
  • 1 vein at Last Vigil.

You can mine moonstone at any of these locations, just make sure you bring a pick (obviously). Some mining locations may have a spare pick laying around though.

Source: Elder Scrolls Wiki: Moonstone Ore

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