The Summoner class has one or two skills about increasing friendship affinity, and I've also seen one or two messages about affinity increases after summoning a Friend. What is are the benefit and effects of affinity, and what actions will increase it?

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If you look at this site, you can read that Ogogin and Matoda seem to have the answers for you.

It seems that

Standing to the ingame tutorial, friendship only increase the strength of the attack executed. You can't summon a friend twice without street/spotpassing him again, unfortunately (it would have been great, but nothing).


they'll only ever go past 9999 strength if the original sent attack was using Bravely Second in the first place"

  • That explains why I've got a friend with a listed damage of 17k - they must have used Bravely Second to get an extra attack in.
    – Doc
    May 16, 2014 at 18:39

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