I had a jewel than I died and lost it now I can not find it anywhere. I need it so I can give it to the frog guy. Is there a way to get one more jewel? I have been everywhere regarding the map.


I found a jewel in a trap very early in the game (Before I even had my compass). This leads me to believe you could find more in a similar way.


there are more than one jewels, you'll just have to wait until you either find one or get one in your traps.


Just got jewels today. Once you go everywhere on the map (except the swamp/cabin place that needs the jewel) the story, which is obtained by carting wood, will lead you to get 5 jewels for free. If you lost all 5 of those, your'e probably in bad shape, but if you didn't get the 5 jewels, make sure everything on the map is even a safe place (P) or a mine (I, C, S) Then the story should continue to the jewels.

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