How do I know if/which trap/door/etc is linked to which lever?

  • Can't dfhack do this?
    – Daenyth
    Nov 21, 2012 at 18:10

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Label them with a note N when constructed.

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You don't.

It's practically impossible to see what a lever operates without pulling it and seeing what happens.

You basically have a few options:

  1. Place the lever near the thing it affects (not great if you're wanting to consolidate levers to one control room with a stressed-out, twitchy dwarf).
  2. Color-code the levers by making them out of materials that have known colors.
  3. Color-code the wall behind or floor around a lever with a specific colored rock.
  4. Use specific colored rock to create a floor mosaic with letter(s) to label the lever.
  5. Organize your levers into bays (one alcove has door levers, another has traps).
  6. Any combination of the above.

Levers can't be linked to the same door/trap twice. If you have patience, you can try to link the lever to a new trap, browse through the whole list of traps and see which one is missing.

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